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Terms and conditions of HotSpot wireless Internet access
18.06.2014   /  Józef Kunicki

Terms and conditions of HotSpot wireless Internet access

Terms and conditions of HotSpot wireless Internet access

1. Wireless Internet access points are the property of Olecko Commune.

2. Internet access is provided using the infrastructure developed for Broadband Network in Olecko Commune project.

3. The network is administered by an IT specialist of the Olecko Municipality – tel. 87 520 09 68 (7.30 AM – 3.30 PM); e-mail:

4. The Internet access is of non-commercial nature.

5. Due to security reasons we do not guarantee availability of all network services.

6. Wi-Fi radio equipment compliant with all standards (802.11a/b/g) is required in order for a mobile device to connect to the wireless network.

7. Olecko Commune does not provide services of direct support to users willing to purchase or configure wireless adapters and is not responsible for compatibility of any user's device with the HotSpot infrastructure.

8. The Internet traffic is constantly monitored and archived.

9. The HotSpot Olecko user shall not:
- use the HotSpot access points for any unlawful activities;
- transfer or make available any illegal content or content protected by intellectual property laws that the user does not own;
- transfer or make available content which may infringe any third party personal rights;
- use the Internet access for mass-distribution of unsolicited advertising content;
- distribute computer viruses or any other programs capable of damaging other Internet users' computers.

10. A user may be temporarily or permanently disconnected from the Internet access for activities which are unlawful, contrary to established customs or threatening to the network, etc.
    In particular a user is not allowed to:

- attempt to obtain access to any network resources that the user is not authorized to access;
- attempt to bypass any security systems in place for wireless access (i.e. to change the DHCP-assigned IP address, to use tunneling etc.);
- make available and download off the network any copyrighted (software, movies, music, etc.) or pornographic content;
- use P2P applications;
- sub-distribute the signal by using repeaters, routers etc.;
- run service servers on HotSpot-connected devices;
- perform any other actions which might be deemed potentially  threatening to the network integrity.
    The decision to disconnect a user shall be made by the HotSpot Olecko network administrator, following an analysis of a user's network activity.

11. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notification.

12. User's ignorance of these Terms and Conditions does not waive such a user's liability.

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